Cossack Skirmish Set

Set includes:
40 foot models
12 mounted and 2 wagons.

The Cossack Skirmish Set is a great start for anyone who wants to begin an adventure with By Fire and Sword. The set allows playing games at the Skirmish

The box includes a Colonel, two Moloitsy sotnias, a Registered Moloitsy sotnia, a mounted Cossacks sotnia, Plastuny scouts and wagons.
Moloitsy – A very valorous Cossack infantry. It fought with a mixed spear and shot formation.
Registered Moloitsy – The core of the Cossack army and its most valuable formation.
Mounted Cossacks – This mounted formation conducted offensive and reconnaissance operations.
Plastuny Scouts – This unit was meant for scouting, reconnaissance and ambushing. They were extremely talented at attacking unexpectedly from impassable terrain, scattering rear formations and assassinating the enemy commander.
Wagon-train – This unit consisted of light peasant wagons that were set up in up to 20 row formations. It was armed with large numbers of firearms and artillery, especially of small caliber, set up on the wagons and between them. The predecessor to the modern-day tanks.

Set includes:

1 Cossack Colonel:
1 colonel figure
1 standard bearer figure
1 musician figure

2 Moloitsy Sotnias:
12x musketeer figures
6x spearman figures
6x command figures

1 Registered Moloitsy Sotnia:
9x musketeer figures
3x command figures

1 Mounted Cossacks Sotnia:
1x commander figure
1x standard bearer figure
7x rider figures

2x Wagons

Platuny Scouts:
4x Plastuny figures

11x light horse figures
1x Polish horse figures
4x 3x4cm bases
14x 2x4cm bases
12x metal spears
3x Cossack banners sets
1x Cossack command
Banners sets


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