Piccolomini (Caprara) Imperial Cuirassier Regiment

Set includes 42 mounted figures.
Wargamer Exclusive
Created in 1629 as an arquebuser unit, the regiment of Octavio Piccolomini was to go down in history as
the most renowned cavalry unit in the Imperial Army.
It took part in all the significant battles since 1629. In 1633 the unit was reformed into a cuirassier regiment.
The regiment won renown in many battles and it was one of its cuirassiers that is believed to have
mortally wounded the Swedish King Gustav II Adolf. In 1656 after Piccolomini’s death (he died after falling
off his horse), Ludwig Hieronymus, the Count Caprara, became the inhaber-colonel (owner) of the
regiment. The count spared no expense at his own cost for his regiment to be the best unit in the army
– both in terms of equipment and beautiful banners.
The regiment took part in the Polish and Danish campaigns and was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel
Johann Enrenreich Sonau.
Set contains:
Lieutenant Colonel’s base
miniature of Johann
Enrenreich Sonau
1 mounted musician
1 mounted standard bearer
3 horses
Major’s base
1 mounted officer
1 mounted musician
1 mounted standard bearer
3 horses
3 companies of armored cuirassier
18 armored cuirassiers
18 horses
3 companies of armored cuirassier with arquebuses
18 armored cuirassiers with
18 horses
Others set of Piccolomini (Caprara)
Imperial Cuirassier 
Regiment’s banners
2 metal pikes
14 4x3cm bases


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