Tartar High Command

Set include 15 mounted, 15 foot and animals

The Crimean Khanate Army was organized according to the feudal model and the khan himself was its commander-in-chief. In battle he commanded the centre of the battle-line. The Kalga-Sultan – the heir of the khan (his brother or son) was the second in command and lead the right flank. Below him was the Nuredin Sultan – the second heir. He lead the weaker left flank. Beys commanded the forces of their vassals. Murza was the lowest commanding rank and sometimes lead smaller raids.

Set include 15 mounted models, 8 foot models, animals, set of banners and metal bases. Set include models sufficient to field:

2 bases of Tatar bej (high rank commanders)
3 bases of Tatar mirza (commanders)
2 bases of Tatar captives (human and animals)

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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