Swedish National Infantry

Set include 41 foot models and 1 regimental cannon.

At the beginning of the 1655 war infantry of His Royal Highness’ militia numbered 15 Swedish and 7 (or 9 depending on the source) Finnish regiments, conscripted in the provinces of Sweden and Finland. Infantry companies were made-up of pikemen and musketeers – usually in 1:2 ratio. Infantry relied on firepower – either using the countermarch or shooting salvos from two or three ranks at once.

Set include 41 foot models and 1 regimental cannon:

1 x captain
1 x standardbearer
1 x drummer
24 x musketeers
12 x pikemens
2 x artileryman
1 x regimental cannon
1 x papier banner
1 x metal stands 4 x 4 cm
1 x metal stands 3 x 4 cm
12 x metal stands 2cm x 4 cm
4 x set of pikes

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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