Muscovite Skirmish Force of Alexander Potiomkin in 1658

Set include 59 mounted models and 60 foot models.

At the beginning of August 1658, general Gustav Horn leading about 1700 soldiers landed by the mouth of the Volkhov river in the area of present-day Petersburg.The Muscovite commander Alexander Potiomkin had enough time to gather his forces from the area and prepare a defense. The fort’s garrison included: 2 reiter companies, 425 Don Cossacks, 300 Novgorod streltsy, 2 dragoon companies, and 1 company of settled soldats. Horn had no other choice but to attack the Muscovite position. They fought for several hours in a difficult forested area and the Finns had to assault field fortifications that were constructed on a hill. Potiomkin and his men stubbornly stayed at their positions due to their superior numbers. After a vicious and bloody fight Horn was forced to abandon further attacks and withdraw his forces to Noteburg. The fort remained in Muscovite hands.


Set contains:

Alexander Potiomkin's base

1 miniature of Alexander Potiomkin
1 mounted musician
1 mounted standard bearer
3 horses

Lieutenant-colonel base
1 mounted commander
1 mounted musician
1 mounted standard bearer
3 horses

3 Don Cossack sotnias
24 mounted Cossacks
24 Cossack on foot
24 horses

2 reiter rotas
12 Muscovite reiters
12 horses

3 border dragoons companies
18 border dragoons

3 town streltsy rotas
18 Muscovite streltsy


14 4x3cm bases
20 4x2cm bases
2 set of banners 
14 metal pikes


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