Field Dragoons regiment

Set include 39 mounted models and 36 foot models.
Set contains:
Colonel’s base
1 mounted colonel
1 mounted musician
1 mounted dragoon with spear
3 horses
4 dragoon companies 
12 dragoons with spears on foot
12 mounted dragoons
with spears
12 dragoons
with halfmuskets on foot
12 mounted dragoons
with halfmuskets
36 light horses
12 2x4 cm bases
13 3x4 cm bases
25 metal spears
set of Muscovite dragoons
Dragoons, just like soldat infantry and reiters, were a “new pattern” formation and were first employed during the 1632-1634 Smolensk war. In 1632, the dragoon regiment formed for the war against Poland included 1600 men, who served in 12 rotas, each of 120 dragoons. The regiment’s officer cadre and crews for the twelve attached regimental guns account for the 160 additional men in the regiment. On the battlefield, dragoons fought in a way similar to soldat infantry; that is with pikemen in the middle and musketeers on the flanks. Due to the non-noble nature of the formation, dragoons also were used for various engineering tasks and in the constructing of fortifications. When possible, dragoons also tried to make use of various obstacles or fortifications on the battlefield. When fighting dismounted, some of the men were sent to the rear to act as horse-holders and could not engage in combat.


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