Warsaw. 28th-­30th July 1656

"Warsaw. 28th-30th July 1656"

"Warsaw. 28th-30th July 1656" is a first book from the new series of expansions for By Fire and Sword  - "Battles. Military Formations. Commanders"

It's has 48* pages soft cover booklet in A4 format, with added 4 specials miniatures  - the most important participants of the battle of Warsaw:

King John II Casimir
Queen Marie-Louie Gonzaga
King Carl X Gustav
Elector Friedrich Wilhelm

The main part of the rulebook: 6 scenarios linked in campaign which allows you to recreate the most important moments of the battle of Warsaw.

Beside the campaign we have prepared new skirmish and regiment lists not only for using them in campaign, but also during your regular games.
Among them you'll find Carl Gustav's Horse Guard Regiment and Polish-Tartar skirmish. 

There are also new profiles including Jan Kazimierz royal winged hussar's banner and three monarchs participating in the battle.

You may also read about the situation in Poland in the 1656, and short analyses of the  battle and its consequences for the remaining part of Polish-Swedish war.


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