By Fire and Sword - Deluge Rulebook [POLISH Ver.]

The Deluge - Rulebook [ POLISH Ver.]

What will you find in The Deluge?

In The Deluge you will find new rules, new units and unit structures for some of the already published armies, a comprehensive historical introduction, many new astounding pieces of art and photographs and much, much more.


This supplement focuses on the events of the Northern War of 1655-1660 and introduces many changes and new elements into the game.


First and foremost 3 new armies will make an appearance:

• Transylvania: [Found here] The army of prince Rákóczi, the ruler of Transylvania is coming from the South.Fast cavalry units are raiding Polish lands and the main forces of the prince are marching to meet their Swedish allies.

• The Holy Roman Empire: [Found here] The soldiers of this army have some old grudges to settle with the Swedes, defeats of the Thirty Years War are still fresh in their memory. Led by experienced generals, the imperial cuirassiers, knechts and dragoons come to aid the Commonwealth and Denmark.

• Brandenburg: the Great Elector is playing a tricky political game by maneuvering between the warring parties. The Brandenburg-Prussian army is gathering precious experience on the battlefields of Poland, Prussia and Denmark.


All the new armies are introduced into our game with beautiful artwork and comprehensive historical descriptions. 


The main forces of the conflict, that is the armies of Sweden and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, are extensively restructured, taking into consideration the characteristics of this conflict. Both armies receive new Skirmish and Division levels lists. 

Apart from these new armies the Deluge also includes ten brand new Skirmish level scenarios! The new scenarios will replace and elaborate upon the scenarios from the main rulebook.



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